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Marion Dondi Burke School of Dance
39 New London Turnpike
Glastonbury, CT 06033
860-646-1791 or 860-633-7284 

Located In the Glen Lochen Mall

Where dreams begin and become fulfilled.

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"The first word that comes to mind when I think of Marion and the dance school is “caring.” Of course, Marion, Becky, and the teaching assistants care about their students remembering the choreography and striving to improve their technique. But that would be a baseline expectation of any dance school.

What makes this dance school special is the extent to which everyone cares -- students cheer on (enthusiastically and genuinely) their classmates – whether they are performing a solo, achieving an anniversary with the school, or are being recognized for personal achievement awards. Marion celebrates and acknowledges her dancers’ successes (such as academic performance or sports achievements) outside of her school.

That so many graduates come back and participate in alumnae dances is a testament to how eager they are to return back to this warm environment.

Many schools talk about being an extended family. The Marion Dondi Burke School of Dance does more than talk about it – even a casual observer would easily recognize the caring community that this school fosters."


"When I first joined Marion’s dance school at age two, there was no way I, nor my parents, could have imagined how much my life would change. I don’t have many memories of my earlier years in life, but the majority of the ones I can recall are from dance. I remember how Marion always had a smile on her face, how she praised my class for accomplishing a difficult move, how she clapped for us at the recitals. Nineteen years later, I can sincerely say that none of these things has changed.
Marion genuinely cares for her students; in fact, they become more like children to her. As a student who grew up in the studio, I always felt fully supported by Marion and her assistant teachers. I cannot remember a single instance in which I felt ashamed or uncomfortable being in the studio. Marion not only accepts, but also embraces her students’ personalities, body types, and skill levels. Consequently, my confidence increased exponentially, as did many of my classmates’, throughout my dancing career. In addition, because of the welcoming atmosphere, I had fun and enjoyed every moment in the studio that became my home."


"Marion Dondi Burke inspired in me a love of dance that has lasted a lifetime. Through her teachings, I learned to appreciate the intricate art of dance choreography. Ms. Marion teaches dance thoroughly; from the very basic steps to the theology behind the art. Her classes progress with the students. As I became capable of more, Ms. Marion continued to challenge me and broaden my dance education. I have enrolled my own children in dance classes now, with the hopes that they grow to love and appreciate this beautiful art as much as I do."



"My daughter has been dancing at Marion’s studio for 5 years. She looks forward to dance class every week and continues to practice what she learned outside of class. The progress made each year is amazing! Marion is very patient and provides a learning environment that is structured yet fun. We look forward to another great year."



"When my daughter was 3 years old, I signed her up for dance lessons at the Marion Dondi Burke School of Dance. This fall she will begin her 15th year of dance! Miss Marion’s passion for dance is contagious. Teenagers have so many things competing for their time. It is a tribute to Marion that she has so many high school students who have been her students since they were little and that so many of her former students volunteer every year to work backstage at recitals.

In addition to well choreographed dances, Marion has taught my daughter the importance of giving back to the community. She offers her students opportunities to perform at local convalescent homes and donates proceeds from her recitals to a local charitable organization (Friends of Glastonbury Youth). Marion is an amazing dance teacher and role model"


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